Coronavirus Help and Advice

The coronavirus crisis is affecting dental practices across the UK. Leicestershire LDC would like to assure the public and dental professionals that we are working with NHS England, Public Health England and the British Dental Association to maintain continuity of service in a safe environment for the benefit of all concerned. Practices should remain open unless advised to close by their Health Protection Team.

Dental practices are advised to monitor and implement guidance issued by NHS England and PHE. Please check your NHS net accounts regularly for updates. BDA is also issuing guidance specifically tailored for dental practices. Please see the BDA website

Practice managers should maintain full records of the effects on the practice, including but not limited to staff absences, DNA rates, supply difficulties and UDA performance. These records may be required to support a Force Majeure claim.

Patients with a confirmed Covid-19 diagnosis who require emergency dental treatment. should be referred to the Health Protection Team who will advise on the nearest hospital or speciality unit that the patient may be seen at.