Representing dentists in Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland the Local Dental Committee. The LDC is an independent self-financing body with statutory functions. funded solely by contributions from dental practitioners. It is not a trade union. LDCs have been in existence since 1911, and constantly modernise to work effectively with the changing NHS.

What does the LDC Do

LDC is the only statutory body, recognised by successive NHS Acts, as the representative body for General Dental Practitioners (GDPs). The 1999 NHS Act extended the LDC role to include representation of all GDPs whatever their contractual status.  The LDC is recognised by NHS England as a key stakeholder to  be consulted on  issues relating to the dental profession.

LDC members:

  • Represent local dentists in meetings with NHS England, the Local Dental Network & Health Education England
  • Provide advice and support to colleagues
  • Provide members for NHS appeals
  • Advise the Local Area Team over complaints against dentists ensuring the
    dentists interests are represented positively
  • Feed back grass roots views at national level
  • Arrange CPD events for members of the dental team

We are committed to be a source of support, advice and reference for all dentists in Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland.

Who are the LDC Officers

Statutory LDC Officers
LDC Chair (Hanif Moti)
LDC Vice Chair (Philip Martin)
LDC Co Secretary (Ashish Desai)
LDC Co Secretary & GDPC Representative (Ruby Mahal)
LDC Treasurer (Jai Shah)

Additional LDC Officials
LDC Consultant Advisor (Colin Blackler)
Executive member (Sarah May)
Minutes Secretary (Jean Deacon)