If you would like to contact the LDC for confidential advice on professional or personal issues affecting your performance, please email the secretaries at:

Ashish Desai
Secretary & GDP

Ruby Mahal
Deputy Secretary & GDP

PASS Scheme

Are you having problems with:
Stress, ill health, drink or drugs, poor performance?
By dealing with these and other problems, at an early stage PASS can help you reduce stress, resolve the issues and avoid disciplinary action. PASS is a confidential Practitioner led advice and support scheme available to all dentists practicing in Leicestershire and Rutland who are facing issues which could lead to declining spiral of poor performance and inability to meet the standards expected of a caring dental professional. If you or a colleague require confidential help, advice & support contact a PASS scheme mentor.
The Leicestershire PASS scheme is owned and operated by Leicestershire & Rutland Local Dental Committee.

Philip Martin

Minesh Gokani

Benevolent Fund


The BDA Benevolent Fund provides a range of financial support for dentists and their dependents. Each case is dealt with on an individual basis and the assistance we provide is tailored to each person’s needs.

The types of financial assistance we offer to eligible applicants include:

  • Regular monthly grants towards day-to-day living costs
  • Back-to-work assistance for those returning to work following a period of illness; including help with retraining costs and professional fees
  • Grants towards specialist equipment, car or home adaptations
  • Personal loans


We cannot provide financial support towards the cost of certain items, including:

  • Private health care and medical insurance
  • Private education
  • Legal fees
  • HMRC payments
  • Repaying loans from family and friends
  • Business debts
  • People with substantial savings, investments or property


You must have little in the way of income and savings and be unable to support yourself financially due to unemployment, illness, disability or because you are over state retirement age.

You must have at some time been registered with the General Dental Council and you must be living in the UK.


Please email our team or call on 020 7486 4994 to confidentially discuss whether you may be eligible for our help. We will send you an application pack for completion or you can download one.

When we receive your completed application form with supporting documentation, assuming this confirms you are eligible for help, we will:

  • Arrange for our General Manager or one of our Trustees to visit you
  • Check if we need any further information from you
  • Prepare a report on your application
  • Consider your application at one of our bi-monthly Executive Committee meetings
  • We will then let you know if we are in a position to help you.

If you know of someone who might benefit from our assistance, please pass on our details.

Donations to the fund may be made here.