Local Dental Committee Elections 2019 – Vote Now!

Local Dental Committee Elections 2019

As 12 nominations were received to fill the 6 LDC positions that will become vacant in September, it is necessary to hold an election.

Ballot papers should have been received by your practice in the first week of July.

If you haven’t received a Ballot Paper, please check with your Practice Manager or Practice Principal. If they can’t help you, please contact the Returning Officer, Colin Blackler on ldcelection19@gmail.com

Personal Statements of all 12 candidates can be seen in the July edition of the LDC Newsletter, and below

Completed ballot papers must be returned by Wednesday 31st July

Please bring this notice to the attention of all colleagues & performers in your practice 

LDC Election 2019

Please note that 12 individuals have been nominated for 6 vacant positions.

To assist voters in casting their (up to 6) votes, the 12 candidates have provided the following personal statements:

NOMINEE Nominated by Seconded by Personal Statement

ARK Harpreet

Z Kapadia

C Shah

I qualified from the University of Birmingham in 2008. I completed my foundation training in Derbyshire and following this I completed a one year training post within Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery. Since 2013, I have worked within primary and secondary care. I spend three days a week at Smile Dental Practitioners as a GDP and two days as a Speciality Doctor in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery at the Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham. I have a passion for further education and I am currently in the final stages of completing a master’s degree in Medical Education. In September 2018, I became an Educational Supervisor. I am actively involved in the development of SJT’s for foundation dentists and in the recruitment process for Dental Core Training.  It would be a privilege to be elected as a member of the LDC and contribute towards the values, commitment and ambition the committee strives for.


S Barot

B Mehta

With great pleasure, I have been nominated for the LDC elections 2019 and would like to put myself forward for the above. I was awarded the B.D.S qualification in 2000 from the University of Mumbai, and passed the IQE in 2004. Since, I have been working as a GDP in Chelmsford, Essex and also in Shanghai and Bahrain with special interest in Cosmetic Dentistry. Past 3 years I am working as an Associate at Doncaster Road Dental Practice.  I have gained tremendous knowledge and expertise in dentistry and enjoys challenges. I pride myself on driving for excellence. Having worked in various countries further strengthened my cultural knowledge and enables me to practice with diverse cultures to achieve desired results. As an LDC member, I aspire to engage in organising social events involving network meetings and clinical lectures as I’m passionate in developing the future for young dentists. 

DESAI Ashish

J Shah

A Thakor

I’m a GDP who has been living and working locally (mostly in South Leicestershire) since graduation in 2001. The first 8 years as an associate and the last 11 years as a practice owner and FD trainer. I have been fortunate enough to have served on the LDC since 2009 and have also held the post of LDC Secretary over this period. I am passionate about my values of justice, fairness and equality and have always kept that at heart of my work in the committee as well as promoting and protecting the interests of local dentists. If I’m elected again, I will endeavour to continue this work to the very best of my abilities, representing leicestershire dentists both on a local level and nationally when the opportunity arises!

KALSI Kamaljeet

Y Jahangir

H Wahan

Since qualifying (University of Manchester, 1999) I have worked in general dental practice in the Leicester area.  I started my career after VT training as an associate dentist, becoming in 2013 principal of a busy city-based NHS practice. I have been involved in foundation training and an approved Educational Supervisor for nearly 15 years now.  Qualifications:  BDS (Hons), MJDF RCS, Diploma Clinical Education (Sheffield). I have been a member of the LDC for 8 years, serving our profession’s best interests and voicing challenges faced by practitioners, to ensure a fair deal from our commissioners.  I have helped organise past LDC AGMs with high profile speakers around contract reform and local area commissioning and continue to support the LDC and Leicestershire dentists in the challenges faced by our profession. I would be honoured to continue to represent the best interests of our profession and patients. Thank you for your support


F Kaderbhai

M Kaderbhai

Hi, my name is Zahir Kaderbhai, and I am the practice principal at Thurmaston Dental Practice. Dentistry has been a major part of my family for the past 30 years, and since qualifying 6 years ago I have taken a keen interest in furthering both my skills and knowledge within dentistry. I have been appointed as an educational supervisor for a foundation dentist for the forthcoming year. I have a passion for education and the future of NHS dentistry, and would love to become a member of the local dental committee and play an active role. 
Thank you

KHASERIA Brijender

M Verma

S Mansoor

I am a practicing dentist based in Leicester and Principal Dentist at SplenDental Care, Leicester. For the last 4 years, I have been a member of the wonderful dental fraternity of Leicester. I have also been a co-opted member of the Local Dental Committee for the last 2 years and had the opportunity to develop the new LDC website during this time. I have really enjoyed my role, especially arranging and managing the new online booking arrangements for LDC CPD events.
I look forward to becoming an elected member of the LDC. If selected, I will commit myself fully and to the best of my abilities, to serve our profession.


G Dhansa

G Gawera

I am a GDP in Leicester and over the years have had the privilege of representing Leicestershire & Rutland on LDC, as an ordinary member,  chair and vice-chair and chair of the PASS scheme as well as being elected to represent Leicestershire dentists on the BDA’s General Dental Practice Committee for two terms.   I strongly believe it is part of my role to provide advice and support to local dentists. Accordingly, I was responsible for starting the LDC’s monthly newsletter in 2012 and have been writing this every since; I hope it has proved useful. I provided advice directly to many local practitioners and helped them to deal with the issues arising in practice. I am not afraid to stick my head above the parapet and represent you and your views with NHS England. I hope to continue to represent you in the future. 

MARU Chetan

G Leader

D Thanki

I graduated from Birmingham 1998, completed VT, became an associate and then principal owner & approved trainer at the same practice in Wigston. So I have been a local GDP for over 20 years. Gained an MSc in Clin.Ed having a strong passion for dental education. I represent the panel of Dental Dean Health Education East Midlands . I am friendly and approachable to all and happy to give time, help and assistance to the best of my ability. I do enjoy my time with my family and friends and help with charitable community events. I love music, cinema and cultural socialisation.
I have been involved with LDC since 2011 helping the local dental community. I am very motivated to engage, network and develop strong relationships to give full passionate commitment and support to our dental professionals so that we all benefit from added values now and in the future.


D Parmar

M Taanke

Hi All. I am delighted to have the opportunity to join the LDC as a committee member. I have had a fantastic network of mentors around me and feel this is my opportunity to give back to the Dental Community. I look forward to working with a progressive team ensuring the interests of local dentists are heard. I am at that stage where I fall between a young dentist and someone senior. This allows me to understand the challenges faced to both and make decisions for the betterment of all. As someone who knows a lot of you and is approachable and engaging I feel I would make the LDC accessible to stage everyone’s voice and opinion. I have had an excellent start in dentistry with mentors like Jai and Ashish who are long standing members of the committee providing me with foundation and core values of the LDC.


CM Lucas

N Patel

I am a local GDP currently working in NHS and Private dentistry. I have always been a motivated individual throughout my career and this has been demonstrated in my previous role as Dental President during my undergraduate study in 2015.  I believe I am a strong candidate to represent my colleagues, having worked in both primary and secondary care settings, which has enabled me to understand the challenges in both sectors. I am also a confident speaker having presented self-directed projects and publications nationally.  In my LDC role I aim to: take a lead in workforce development enhancing the skills of GDPs. support the development of patient care pathways in primary, secondary and community services. implement service development projects that target key issues within the dental profession   enhance GDPs’ educational experiences through targeted CPD events.
I would be grateful to be considered for this post.


C Renton

M Bhatt

I graduated from Cardiff in 1997. Completed my VT in Leicester and became a Partner at Briarmeads Dental Practice, Pure Dental Studio and Brookview Dental Clinic. We run these as mixed NHS/Private practices. I have been a DFT (VT) trainer since 2001 and hold a certificate in Clinical Education and am a Mentor.
I have been an LDC member since 2003 and Treasurer since 2005. Over this time the LDC has maintained a healthy financial position which enables us to run successful meetings and carry out actions for our profession together with the PCT and the LAT. I have built a good rapport with my counterpart at Lincoln LDC which allows a mutual understanding on LDC finances. This will help the changing future of NHS dentistry. 
I hope to continue supporting the good work done by the LDC and ensure a healthy representation to the profession, if I am re-elected.

D Panchal R Virdee
BDS MFGDPRCS MSc  I have several years’ experience in GDS, orthodontic and MOS NHS contracts.
Having actively engaged as a dental educator with HEEM, Clinical Tutor and examiner at Birmingham Dental School has enhanced my role as a mentor and a counsellor. I have been an active LDC member for the past 12 years and having represented the committee on the Dental Learning Network group meetings and sharing my experiences in my current role as a PAG and PLDP member for NHS England.
Those that know me well, will be aware that I have a penchant for seeking the very best for local practitioners. I have a drive and feel passionately that, in what are undoubtedly difficult times, the interests of local members should not be compromised. I will seek to provide support and represent members on current issues at a time of important changes to the NHS dental contracts