Local Dental Committee Elections 2019

Have your vote!

The current terms of office of six members of your Local Dental Committee will end this year

It is therefore necessary to hold an election to fill the vacancies

It is expected that nominations will be invited in May. The process should complete in July, with votes counted & reported to LDC in August and newly-elected members taking up membership in September.

Nomination forms & ballot papers will be sent to all practices for distribution to all performers eligible to nominate & vote.

Look out for nomination papers, coming to your practice in May

To be sure of your registration, email the Returning Officer, Colin Blackler, at: ldcelection19@gmail.com before 30th  April 2019giving details of your name, practice & GDC number, requesting inclusion of your name on the LDC’s electoral register

Please bring this notice to the attention of all

colleagues & performers in your practice